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Dhoom Dhadaka at PGPEX

Happy Diwali to all of you. After the boisterous Diwali party someone aptly summarized the evening.

“The Diwali party entertained us all …

Gautam you were simply amazing … you have an alternative career for sure …

Vijay Arya … dunno how many instruments this guy knows … last time he was playing the mouth – organ … this time the spanish guitar .. and in between he filled up for lack of the  tabla using ….. guess …  yes the spanish !!!

Srividya earned the unanimous title of “Jhansi ki Rani” for her dare-devilry with the fireworks .. She was ably supported by  Jain … Gaurav Jain !

Major Niren did his bit throughout … once he could be seen uprooting one of the tables which had sunk half-way into mother earth ….

We missed Susanta da’s mouth – organ but that’s reserved for some other day …

Abhishek sang from his heart … and could have won the “Meri Awaz Suno” title …

Praveen alias “Gaaru” laughed more than he could manage to sing !

Manas “the Mint” Mallik and Binand “The Chota Don” sighed away from singing but could be heard humming and suggesting the numbers continuously …

The popular award …  goes  to Tauqueer alias “Bada Don” who stole one of the 1st prizes and kept the night alive by demanding popular numbers like … well .. Some other time !

The better halves didn’t disappoint … Shanka was spotted blushing / hiding?…

Gautam and Arya crooned to Bappi Da’s “Pyar bina chain kahan re” in characteristic nasal style

Somesh ji was spotted humming something into the mike more than once ….

And thanks Gaurav for arranging the show ….

There would be notable others I might have missed out …  but this Diwali would be one we shall remember for long …..



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  1. PGPEX is all about being simple and being ambitious. We know who we are! We know what we can achieve! We know how much we can contribute!
    India, we are coming.

    Comment by Abhishek Kapoor | October 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. Gosh! It really brings back the memories of my college days. I guess these are the moments that you cherish for your life.

    Comment by Amardeep Dabass | October 19, 2009 | Reply

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