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Ideas to Implementation…

i2i_20102Few PGPEX colleagues of mine are busy these days writing business plan for “i2i – Ideas to Innovation” as the deadline is nearing. i2i is a business plan contest hosted by the Entrepreneurship cell of IIM-Calcutta. It is a renowned business plan contest which attracts participants from top business schools of the world.

To learn more about this visit http://www.ecelliimcal.in/


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List of electives…

Term 4 Term 6
Competency Mapping and assessment
Financial Statement Analysis Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Forecasting Investments
Derivatives Business Valuation
Consumer Behaviour Corporate Financial Strategies
Service Marketing International Finance
Leadership Excellence: Ancient Indian Insights Bank Management
Managing in Cross Cultural Context B2B Marketing
Designing Corporate Citizenship Initiatives Product Management
Business Intelligence
Business Integration with Information Technology
Business Dynamics
Project Management
Quantitative Applications in Finance
Supply Chain Management
Assessing the Business Environment
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

Term 7

Conflict and Negotiations
Econometric Tools to Analyse Data for Business Managers
Strategic Cost Management
Strategic HRM in Services
The Economics of Personnel for Managers
Customer Relationship Management
Global Marketing
Strategic Brand Management
Business Data Mining
Strategic Management of IT
Perspectives on Software Business
Strategic Operations Management
The Environment for International Business
Innovation and Technology Policy
Managing Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

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Term 1 learnings

I had an “Aha” moment today. I read this article and understood it on the first attempt.


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To do or Not to do

Does it seem like an easy one? Really! Well that is the first thing I learned at school – trade-offs. Humanely it is impossible to do everything – time is the constraint. I wish I did not have to make these trade-offs, and yes I mean it. IIM Calcutta is a place where you would love to do it all. If there were no studies my wish list will be – birds (real birds, I am married guys) watching, fishing in the lakes and spending lazy afternoons reading a book under the shades of the numerous trees. But for us who have a lot of stake in this program are making the trade-off. We are trying hard to keep up with the work load which unlike the economy shows no signs of downturn.

(For the skeptics who think I am lying here is the proof. That’s Booksjust the reading material and books. The scale you see in

the image is 12 inches. Assignments exams and quizzes extra. This the stuff is for a terms’ study – usually about 1.5 months)

Well that all the economics I know as on this day. Next class we learn demand and supply; and maybe I will cook up a different recipe.

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