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Not too long ago, I was looking for information on One Year management programs of Indian Institutes of Management. While the two year programs are very popular and there is a lot of information available including that on CAT, on campus life and placement, there is very little write up on one year programs.

I am starting this blog with the hope that information here will help some of the aspirants for PGPEX program of IIM Calcutta.

The first step – GMAT

The GMAT score of last 3 batches of PGPEX is

2007-08 Mean 706, Median 710

2009-10 Mean 719, Median Not available

I took my GMAT on Jun 26, 2008 and scored 720. As it turned out later, GMAT is just one of the components and not the most important one.

Next Step Application form

The most significant and difficult part of the whole process (of getting into IIMC…!!) was filling the application form. If you need help with this part, I can review your application to provide feedback. Trust me, the rest of the admission process will be a cakewalk if this turns out well.

The interview

On my educational qualification, some questions on electrical engg. fundamentals (I am an Elect. Engr by training), some on power industry, some on semiconductor. We had a good discussion on inflation and its impact on economy, whether it is good for a developing economy, what should be done to keep it in control and economic trade offs. The question I goofed up was: geometrially prove the result of (a+b) square. We also discussed my reasons for applying to this program and what I intended to do after PGPEX.

I was fortunate to have participated in the admission process of IIMA and IIMC. The interview of A was much more general in discussion and had an extempore item. I was asked to comment on a quote whose central meaning was : Humans are by nature polygamist, all talks of monogamy are plain bullshit. I would not like to comment on this quote in this blog…

The set of people I met during interviews and then on Yahoo groups made the whole process worthwhile. I was really looking forward to becoming a part of this group.

And then the agonizing wait

Fortunately, it was not too long. IIMC’s result came out on 29 Oct, exactly 9 days after A’s interview.

IIMA decided to put me on the wait list and then I never heared from them. From Nov 08 to Apr 09, the Y! group had been on fire, it was only after we were in campus with IIMC e-mail ids that the group became silent.

The period between Nov and Apr witnessed huge changes in world economy. The variables on which the decision to pursue PGPEX was based, had been threatening to go out of hand. We kept asking for information on PGPEX II placement (PGPEX II was likely to be over in Nov end). It came in bits and pieces and was not very encouraging. Look at the posts in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IIMC_PGPEX2009/ [contact the moderator for access]

The market situation has not changed much but IIMC was able to place all the people in PGPEX II. The coverage of PGPEX placement on TV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUPRXenO1VQ&feature=dir

I am closing this post now, will keep posting as we progress in the program. In the next post I will share my experience with loans and logistics.

–Posted by Amit Tiwari


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