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Of Credits and Cards…

Signing up for GMAT: Rs. 12500

Applying to IIMC: Rs. 2000

Fees for the PGPEX Course: Rs. 1400000

Landing your dream job in the first week of placements – priceless…

There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s Mastercard.

— Author wishes to remain anonymous


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What is in a name…. a lot really!

I would say a lot is in a name… particularly in these days of breaking barriers (if not walls and contextual behaviours).

Many would have noticed my name is the longest one in the PGPEX 3 list. One trivia (or vital) is that its more driven by the fact the second name thing is (mostly) not there in Tamilnadu in the strict sense… We end up giving father’s name instead of “family” name or “surname”. More in details about that later…

Now about the length…That adds to confusion.. or should I call it masala which makes life interesting….particularly when we travel out of India…

My name (first name) contains 16 letters and second name contains another….i lost count…ya…16! The Indian departure form does not contain enough space and invariably I end up in a conversation with guy sitting at immigration for mismatch between passport. When I landed in Chicago I was I was thrilled to see I-94 (the immigration form used by US during arrival of foreigners)

Fortunately….or so I thought…I-94 incidentally contains 16+16 cells….I was really excited and told myself “see these guys anticipate things well and are culturally sensitive…that’s why they are so advanced”…in a typical colonial-genetic-disorder dominated tone…

I filled up the form neatly with max possible utilization of the cells (32 letters!) and went to the immigration officer…the guy gave me the typical poker faced stare and said “its not mandatory to fill all these cells just because they are available..its enough, of you just write your name”… you know my

While the above is my experience with drama in real life, it seems many have similar experiences:
An Indian guy named “Anantharaman Subbaraman” arrived at the New York airport. He ended up waiting for his visa for about 2 hrs for the authorities to call his name, he got fedup and went to them and asked why they haven’t called his name yet. They said that they have been calling him for last 2 hrs as ‘Anotherman Superman’

Fine… will let you go for now.

–Posted by Deiva

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Why cant we just print more money – Rajesh….oops.. Money Kumar

I think by now we are realizing how hard people like Rajesh are trying to elevate the level of discussions in class (and outside as well). With his soft pedaled but strong suggestion to pre-read, inspire us with videos like “everyday”, guide us out with ppts like “externalities”, increase the awareness that we have the key to HBR case studies (library link)etc etc…He is already becoming an asset (A) of our batch… and some of us are doing justice to A=L+OE. I leave it to our wild imaginations to decide which component are we in RHS!. I said some of us.

Here is a stuff of Rajesh kind… hope he doesn’t sue me for defamation for saying this!!

I had always thought why cant we just “print” more money. Somebody said no we can print money only equal to gold reserves… somebody said it will raise inflation.. and someone else said….bla bla bla.. Hopefully in the coming days our Profs light a candle if not throwing a light.

Meanwhile I got this education series by Reserve bank of India which was fairly explanatory of dynamics involved. Its “Money Kumar” instead of “Rajesh Kumar”.
There is a typo in this pdf. Instead of school kids its should ahve been business school kids!!
It seems RBI got the Albert Einstein quote right: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler”

–Posted by Deiva

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The Typerception

I just bought a new music system. Beforehand, I took some opinions and found that people had stereotyped the stereo to be unreliable. For some weird (or unwired) reason I still went to the shop and bought the stereo. This was also aided by the fact that I had already begun to stereotype the salesman and had given in to his characteristics. People were not wrong about the stereo (and stereotyping) and the system would break down. Broke that I was, I had to fiddle with the stereo. I remembered my basic electronics class in school and all I could remember was that I have forgotten everything. Still, somehow I could get the system working. Now look at the brighter side of not steroetyping(as we are always told to do so). I did learn two things. One, I had a bad memory and two that I did something right to get the stereo running.


So guy, don’t think too much about stereotyping and perceptions. Cross the boundaries and do not filter out the stereotype object. Rather motivate him so that he can be music to your ears and to the world. As far as the memory lesson goes, I at least don’t forget that I have a bad memory. Too much stereotyping will take the experimentation out of your life.

Remember, the complement of stereotyping is innovation. Stereotyping leads to boredom going on the prowl. Now don’t stereotype me for the typing you just read above!

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The Dream Answer

Today we had a chance to hear Martin Luther King’s legendary ” I have a dream” speech. I will not go in the details of the speech, but I recommend is to anybody who want to learn about public speaking and also about this great personality.

We had discussion in the class and one of the points that emerged was the use of some of the phrases repeatedly to make a point. eg “But 100 years later”,”We can never be satisfied” and of course legendary “I have a dream”. This was indeed a revelation when it comes to analysis of the great orator.

However, one of our witty guys whose one liners are going to become stuff of legends if he continues at this rate ( psst he is my house mate so I have to say good things about him, drop me a mail if you wanna know the truth) was totally inspired by the analysis, So much so he invented a new way of answering questions in our customary ‘sutta’ break.And his vowed to answer all the questions atleast in Managerial Communications as

The Answer is

The Answer is

The Answer is

The Answer is.

Well the idea is that you write the answer with so much stress that your content does not matter.

Talk about learning from analysis.

Signing out

Witless One

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Framework to break the matrix?

It’s hardly been 2 weeks since I joined the IIMC PGPEX, and I can feel the intensity of incoming tornado. Fear of inundating with studies forced me to search for framework that can break this matrix. After an unproductive one day effort on google I’ve realised no such framework has been devised by philosophers. Suddenly all available framework and models started looking worthless to me. I am on the prowl. Let me know if anyone find one.

Best of luck!


Gaurav Jindal

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One Shoe Factory

Jarnail Singh threw one shoe at Chiddi Man and I started wondering what happened to the other one! And how did Jarnail Singh walked thereafter. Jarnail Singh’s problems were solved as he was picked up by local police chaps and he didnt have to walk on his own. But I have something else to think about now.

This is an opportunity for all of us entrepreneurs. I expect one-shoe-flying to become an acceptable norm of communication pretty soon. And it is a very effective way of expressing disagreement. So how does that translate into money making for us? And whats the driving factor?
The driving factor is that only one shoe is required, not the pair. As, it not practical to throw one and spoil the pair that you purchased with lots of preferences and attachment.
So guys, all we need is to start manufacturing single shoe unit of different types and varieties such as one which can fly for long distance or one that can hit harder or maybe one thats got sensors in it which can hit the target precisely, like anti missile weapons.
Any takers of the idea, please contact me. Leave a reply.

–Posted by Abhishek Kapoor

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