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Reflections after Term One

IMG_5172So, finally Term 1 exams are over;And the suffused joy on everyone’s face when the  Microeconomics exam ended, knew no bounds. Though that joy was fleeting as everyone was reminded of the fact that a whole bunch of MC(Managerial Communications) presentations were pending along with the much dreaded Cisco Case Study. But, however transient the feeling was, it was indeed conspicuous.

The comforting factor was,at least for few days( read a week’s vacation), I wont have to sleep at 4AM and wake up hurriedly at 8AM in order to attend classes. Neither do I have to bang my head at the wee hours of the morning trying to understand recondite case-studies. Nor do I have to balance my 24 hours in figuring out whether to study for next day’s class or to read what ever has been taught today. It is indeed a balancing act and I,for one, is not adept at “sleight-of-hand” or “pantomimes”.

It has been instructed by IIMC that every 1 and half hour of class necessitates a background work of 3 hours. If one does the math, one would realize that, the studies would leave us no time for anything else.

A typical day has 5 classes( 1 and half hour each) which means it requires us to study for 15 hours(5 classes multiplied by 3 hours for each class). Classes end at 5:30 PM. If you start counting the impending 15 hours just after the class breaks, it would be next day 8:30 AM, incidentally, which is when our next day starts. So where is the time to eat and sleep??

Though this is an extreme exaggeration, I just wanted to point out that how hard-pressed we are for time. In these circumstances, the much needed vacation came as a welcome respite from the grind and I can’t express in words how happy I am to get a healthy 8 hours of sleep.



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You may get it wrong even if you are right!

Micro Economics by Glenn Hubbard & Anthony Patrick O’Brien defines, “Fair distribution of economic benefits”.

Organisational Behaviour by Stephen Robbins & Timothy Judge defines, “A theory that says that individuals compare their job inputs and outcomes with those of others and then respond to eliminate any inequities”.

Essentials of Financial accounting by Ashish K Bhattacharya says, “Total of contributed equity capital & retained profit” All the above are definitions for “Equity”.

Should we call it contextual behaviour of words…. in OB parlance! Remember the course title when you sit for an exam/quiz. Or chances are you get it wrong even for a right answer!

–Posted by Deiva

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Bday Bash

You know how one feels when something happens for the first time in one’s life. Well yesterday it was my turn when I had to disgorge myself as a result of beer-overdose, though I was not in a state to record the inebriated feelings.


The event was Saurabh’s birthday and we celebrated in style, his being the first birthday of the batch. Gautam with his mellifluous voice,Major Saab with his funny anecdotes and Vijay with his one-liners entertained us throughout the night. Someone who hasn’t yet got a chance to hear harmonica from Sushantada should better do it as this man is a sheer genius. We were fortunate to have him as part of the boisterous party. Stoned faces and sloshed gaits should have provided you with enough testament that it was indeed a wild night!!!

Signing off with the great song by Bob Dylan.

My daddy he made whiskey, my granddaddy he did too
We ain’t paid no whiskey tax since 1792
You’ll just lay there by the juniper while the moon is bright
Watch them just a-filling in the pale moonlight.

-Posted by Surjendu

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Back to school

And so finally I am back in a classroom after more than 10 years when I was trying to get away from it all by joining the corporate world. After the first week, to put it in a nutshell , it feels like a roller coaster ride – there was fear of being picked by the Math prof, joy of learning hitherto unknown financial aspects, unforeseen challenges of battling sleep in the post lunch classes J and a sense of relief at the end of the day’s work.

But it is the learnings , both inside and outside of the classroom that has been truly exhilarating. Many would argue that a group of battle weary executives would be a recipe for cynicism. On the contrary there is remarkable bonhomie and a spring in each one’s step that can take on any of the so called ‘greenhorns’. Need I mention I have been pleasantly surprised at how much more clarity of thought one gets after a booze bash.

For those talking of the huge opportunity costs – it pales in comparison to the invaluable learnings and friends that we will take away from here. As someone very aptly said “People see things and say why, I dream and say why not!”

Until the next stop

Cheers (hic!)


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Last 15 days in the IIM C campus have been amazing. The diversity, the debates, the placement rep elections, the massive workload and the sweets!! Yes my dear ladies and gentlemen its sweets of Kolatta that I am going to talk about today!!!

People have “a” sweet tooth. My mother used to say that I have 32 of them. Calcutta for me, is like Munich for a beer drinker.
The kind of sweets that our our Bappi da, Manager- nutritional needs (a.k.a Canteen in charge) is dishing out every night makes me wonder whether I would be able to go back to Bangalore in an economy seat in one of the budget airlines.

I am eagerly waiting for durga pooja, when this whole place will turn into one big puddle of mishti dhai and Sandesh. Till then Bappi da please keep bringing in your Rasagollas, Sandesh’s and Rasmalai’s onto my plate..

para papapa .. I am Lovin it!!!!
– Sweetly yours

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Library blues

I hardly used to visit our college library during my engineering days. After all, all the “gyaan” we could think of were available in our collective heads.

At IIM-C though, the library has become my daily haunt. For other than obvious reasons.

I’m one of the guys who has brought the wife and kid along to spend (or not!) the next 1 year on campus with me. Anyone who has tried reading anything with an active 2 year old around knows the futility of registering anything he reads. So it is out of necessity of digesting the immense coursework at PGPEX that I’ve been driven to the favorite haunt of geeks and nerds – the library.

For the next 1 year, I (along with my married comrades) will be the most frequent visitor to this illustrious building. Hope to do some serious studying in the days to come.

–Posted by Srinivas Jagadeesan

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About Human Beer at Work(HBW)

It is 11.00 clock in the night and am sitting in my room listening to Pink Floyd telling me for the thousandth time that he is comfortably numb and I also get the same feeling in my extremities.You see, I have been reading Human Behavior at Work ( or as we like to call HBW) for the better part of last two hours. And then comes the life saver in the form of a call “Hey come on down we have got beer”. Those four alphabets (BEER) seem like a manna from heaven. I drop everything ( my notes were actually left in mid word), and rush to the den of sin.partying-002

After sometime, the party moves to a room where we have strains of Floyd, Dylan, Kishore and Rafi to keep us company. The balcony of the room becomes a smokers paradise and the room : a lounge with AC on full blast. Reminds me of days spent in my engineering college, where everything was important as well as common at the same time.

After two hours of partying, it was time to go back and hit the sacks or the books depending upon the state of intoxication of the person.

I finish my chapter of HBW and then watch couple of episodes of my favorite serial. It 3 a.m. and time to go to bed.

I woke up at 11 a.m. in the morning ( a beauty sleep of 8 hours, a luxury indeed) as today is a holiday. All ready to complete the coursework before we move to next week classes. The work load is immense and I know it will get worse before it gets better, but a night out rejuvenated me (except for that hangover headache, I need aspirin) and am all set to make the best out of the day.

–Posted by The night owl(Saurabh Sharma)

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A Balancing Act

I have always been a very haphazard person. Balancing things were never my forte. Yet,in the finance class these days, we are being taught Balance Sheet. Balancing assets and liabilities for someone who never had any assets nor any liabilities is a tough ask. And here I am learning Financial Reporting.

Jokes apart; IIMC has the best finance faculty in this country; hands down. And that manifests into a hobo like me unwittingly using terms such as “Cash Flow” and “Journal-ledger-Balance”.I have always been very apprehended of the term Debit and Credit, but my first meaningful finance class played a stellar role in obliterating that fear. These days I frequently talk about “Owners Equity”. balance-sheet-analysis

After spending the whole day understanding our protagonist(Maria’s) balance sheet, I got so enervated that I had to resort to a hilarious “Daaru” party” where we all laughed our hearts out. See what a balancing act can do for you!!!

–Posted by Surjendu

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Global business leaders in making

Since the commencement of the PGPEX programme two weeks back, It has been quite hectic nonetheless invigorating experience.  It is clear in these few days that the carefully crafted curriculum of PGPEX will equip us with suitable concepts and techniques to be global business leaders. All 52 PGPEX students are excited that the one year intensive programme is going to transform our career paths.  Interactions with diverse and sharp batch mates is an intellectually stimulating experience.

They say that those who ca nnot laugh at themselves leave the job to others. The faculty has great sense of humour as well. My favourite quotes from a faculty are- Those who want to do they do. Those who cannot they teach. He has a novel way of asking questions- I am on the prowl. When he was on the prowl then I was looking for cover because some of the concepts I was not able to internalize then!

Last but not the least, the serene and sprawling landscape of IIMC is itself a great energizer .

–Posted by Rajesh Singh

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Placement Reps Elected Today

Acad is picking up the momentum now. Its 10th working day today at IIMC. We started our activities with registration on Monday 30th March 2009 and today is Friday, 10th April 2009. That makes it 10th day today. We have had at least one lecture so far for MicroEco, IT, Financial Reporting and Organizational Behaviour. Stats and Managerial Communication are yet to be started. Not much of assignments / projects so far but its sure will pile up soon.

Today we have also elected the placement committee for our batch which will play crucial role in placement management assisting the placement team from IIMC. Surjendu, Ganesh, Gautam, Sanjeev, Rajesh and Manish have been elected out of 11 candidates from the batch of 52. Gautam is from PetroChemical background and Rajesh from Finance. Rest belong to the large domain of IT. Thats good beginning. Now we’ll need to address mess, acads and other relatively less important issues soon by electing more reps for each area.

Excitement of doing MBA from IIMC is building up now. I hope it’ll be sustained till end resulting in extreme satisfaction and pride.

–Posted by Abhishek Kapoor.

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